Trusted Life Mentor

"You're like one of those instrumental MVP players. They get very little game time but when they're in, they're very effective."  Dr. C.K., MD 

Your time is precious.

Your life is your legacy and values.

Every person struggles with similar beliefs that hold them back and keep them stuck.

I work with individuals, couples, celebrities, high-profile individuals, CEO's, entrepreneurs, and young adults ready and committed to transformation. 

Let me help you take things to the next level.
Imagine a safe space where you feel free to ask questions, be vulnerable, get support, collaborate and receive access to your deepest truths with a trusted guide.

Imagine a personalized approach, designed for you to release the past and integrate your personal and professional life with vibrance, grace and balance as you grow the truth you are meant to live. I will help you launch the next phase of your life.

Specializing in helping people eliminate the inner critic, depression and anxiety, and create resilience to break free from painful life challenges, Dr. Morris Jensen directly accesses the root cause and offers a powerful emotional release and transformation, leading to a confident life.

Life is meaningful. You have purpose. Let's bridge the two, together.

  • Board Certified Clinical Psychologist
  • Clinical RTT™ (Rapid Transformational Therapist) 
  • Certified Hypnofit┬« Therapist 
  • Master Communication Coach
  • Certified Behavioral Specialist
  • Certified Solution-focused Transformational Life Coach
  • Gottman Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work Leader 

Dr. Morris Jensen has worked thousands of hours with clients discovering the root cause of blocks that prevent them from getting the results they want in life. Her specialities: discover blind spots, break through limiting beliefs, achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals. 

Helping People Live with Passion, Purpose, and Meaning